Yoshinori Kitase: 2016 Will Be “A Year of Preparations” for Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Final Fantasy VII producer Yoshinori Kitase has stated that 2016 will be “a year of preparations” for Final Fantasy VII Remake in a new interview for Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

Reported by Nova Crystallis, Kitase said: “I believe that this year will still be a year of preparations for Final Fantasy VII Remake, I’d like to create a new kind of value for the hardware that is the PlayStation 4 for our next announcement.”

In the same upcoming issue of Famitsu, Nova Crystallis also reports that Square Enix executive producer Shinji Hashimoto said that the company has various suprises for their games coming this year also. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.



Source: God is Geek