Activision Blizzard CEO Talks Remakes, Says Pitfall Is A Candidate

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Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has spoken about retro games and remakes, which has been an area of success for the company in recent years. In an interview with GamesBeat, Kotick shared some high-level thoughts on the company’s strategy, and he also singled out one franchise in particular that could be ripe for a remake: Pitfall.

“For us, it’s much more about, is it the right idea?” Kotick said about Activision Blizzard’s approach to remakes. “Are we going to be able to execute against that nostalgic audience in a way where it’s going to actually resonate with both the original fans but also new fans?”

Kotick said Activision Blizzard is uniquely positioned because it has a catalog of franchises going back to 1980. One of these franchises is Pitfall, which hasn’t seen a new release in years. Kotick estimated that Pitfall, as a franchise, has reached 100 million players. So there is an opportunity for a remake to have success if executed properly, he said.

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