AI Recreates Pac-Man From Scratch, Without Any Human Input

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Today, one of gaming’s most recognizable icons turns 40. And to celebrate, Nvidia and Bandai Namco have partnered up to recreate Pac-Man, only this time without any actual human input.

Using Nvidia’s GameGAN, the company has successfully trained an AI model to recreate and play Pac-Man without the use of a game engine. Instead, the model recreates each frame of the game manually on screen, and tracking not only the movement of the pie-chart protagonist but the pellets it eats, the ghosts it gobbles, and the score it racks up.

The AI was trained using millions of frames from the original Pac-Man, supplied by Bandai Namco, along with recorded player inputs. After chewing through 50,000 games, the model was able to replicate static elements of a simple Pac-Man game, while also understanding how to operate its ruleset, without a single line of game code supplied by the developers.

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