Among Us Reportedly Has Biggest Month Ever For Active Users In A Game

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Among Us has been 2020’s biggest surprise hit, taking Twitch by storm and even getting some play time from US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Now, according to a report released by Nielsen’s SuperData, it could be considered one of the most popular games ever in terms of active players.

The report shows that Among Us clocked over half a billion active users just in the month of November, which SuperData says makes it the most popular game ever by this metric. Despite these huge numbers, however, Among Us doesn’t even crack the top ten games of the month by earnings, due to its low level of monetization. “The PC version (which has a $5 upfront price) accounted for the majority of revenue from August to November (64%),” the report adds. “Despite having an extremely small share of the total player base (3% in November).”

Among Us’ popularity in November was likely helped by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s record-breaking Twitch stream of the game in late October, which was then followed by a second stream at the end of November. The social deception game has found widespread popularity among game streamers at all levels of fame in 2020, even leading to the cancellation of a planned sequel so the team could focus on the first game.

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