An Extended Super Mario Bros. Movie Cut Has Been Unearthed, 28 Years After Release

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It’s been nearly three decades since the Super Mario Bros. movie arrived in theaters, with a tagline boldly proclaiming “This ain’t no game.” Now, after all of this time, an extended version of the film has been unearthed, restored, and released online for all to see.

This version of the film–dubbed “The Morton Jankel Cut” after co-directors Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel–has been released by The Super Mario Brothers Archive, a group of fans who celebrate the movie and have been involved in the special features on previous home releases of the film. They’ve teamed with film restorationist and filmmaker Garrett Gilchrist to present a version of the movie that has never been seen by anyone outside of the production team. Their hope is that this cut will resonate more with fans than the theatrical cut of the film, which was panned critically and flopped at the box office. You can watch it for yourself at the link above

For years, Super Mario Bros. has been looked down on because it doesn’t resemble the game it’s based on. Now, with the new cut, Gilchrist and the Super Mario Bros. Archive team hopes people will see why that’s the case. “It’s always going to be a controversial film,” Gilchrist told GameSpot. “The directors, Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, thought they were making Max Headroom again. They wanted this cyberpunk dystopia. And I think they were pitching the movie more for teenagers, like a Star Wars film. Or even Roger Rabbit, which is a little bit adult in many ways and was obviously an inspiration for this film in some respects.”

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