Another Round Director Reacts To New Deal With Leonardo DiCaprio For English Remake

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The Oscar-winning Danish movie Another Round is getting an English language version with Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly lined up to play the lead role portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen. The announcement that DiCaprio’s Appian Way bought the English language rights caused something of a stir on some circles, with some people saying Mikkelsen should get to play the role because he’s already well-known in America through his appearances in the James Bond franchise and on the TV show Hannibal.

Thomas Vinterberg, the director of Another Round, reacted to the discussion in an interview with IndieWire. He said won’t be a writer or director for the English version, but he plans to meet with Appian Way to discuss what happens next.

But for now, Vinterberg said he is confident in DiCaprio’s capabilities as an actor.

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