Apex Legends Genesis Event Brings Back Skull Town, Patch Notes Released

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The original Apex Legends hot drop location, Skull Town, as featured on the game’s battle royale map Kings Canyon, is back, now in the form of a self-contained Arenas map. It’s just one part of the game’s new Genesis event, which will also revert Kings Canyon and World’s Edge back to their original layouts for a limited time starting on June 29.

“We heard you,” the game’s patch notes read. “Five minutes after we announced Arenas, we were seeing pleas for a Skull Town Arena. Well, here it is!”

Apex Legends’ Genesis event will also be adding a number of new cosmetics for players to unlock, ranging from a scythe heirloom for Revenant to legendary skins for both the Charge Rifle and EVA-8 shotgun.

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