Apex Legends Trailer Shows Off Upcoming Map's Tropical Features

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Apex Legends‘ newest map is going to be the game’s equivalent of an anime beach episode, but with more guns and some terrifying wildlife. A new trailer for the game’s upcoming season, Escape, shows off the beaches, jungles, and strange features of Outlands, the upcoming map for Apex Legends.

The trailer kicks off with the game’s cast relaxing on a beach, which only lasts for so long before Outlands’ monstrous wildlife begins attacking. It’s not clear what role the monsters of Outlands will play when the map actually launches, or if they’ll interact with players at all. It’s possible that the monsters will simply be window-dressing for the map. That being said, a page on EA’s site going over the event says, “No matter how beautiful it seems, every corner of the Outlands is a dangerous place. You’d be wise to remember that.”

After moving off the beach, the trailer goes deeper into the island, showing the jungles that players will be running through, as well as some of its more sci-fi features. One part of the map’s shoreline seems to be dominated by an enormous crashed ship, for instance, which players can explore.

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