Apex Legends Writers Tried To Do More In-Game Quests, But Couldn't

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Apex Legends has just dropped a huge lore reveal, with its latest Stories from the Outlands introducing Ash as the game’s next playable hero, while also unravelling some mysteries about who the simulacrum really is. Some fans of the series wish the story had been a playable quest in-game, however, rather than having it told across a number of comics posted to Twitter.

In a reply to a tweet expressing this disappointment, Apex Legends’ narrative director Tom Casiello said that the team had attempted to integrate some of the storylines as quests, but ultimately weren’t able to do it right in the amount of time allowed.

Ash, a character originally encountered in the Titanfall games, was first introduced to Apex Legends in a Season 5 story quest called The Broken Ghost, but her re-introduction as a major player in the upcoming Season 11 has been shown mostly through Twitter comics.

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