Aragami 2 September 17 Release Date Revealed In New Trailer

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Stylish ninja stealth game Aragami 2 has been announced, and much like the original 2016 game, players will to the shadows as they strategically eliminate enemies who have entered the Rashomon Valley.

Developer Lince Works says that Aragami 2‘s campaign will be playable solo or in co-op for up to three players, and that the game will feature a new combat system and enhanced stealth mechanics that once again emphasize a strategic approach to the art of assassination.

“We based the combat on fast character movement, explosive dodges, and lightning-fast combo attacks,” community manager Gina Campoy explained in a PS Blog post. “At the same time, we discouraged blocking, since we want to keep action fast-paced and convey that our character uses his agility and reflexes over strength. Instead, we favored parries, since they are more dynamic and technical in their application.”

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