Back 4 Blood's Closed PC Alpha Test Now Available, But Only For A Short Time

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We got a first look at Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock Studios’ next zombie game after Left 4 Dead, at The Game Awards. Now, you can sign up for and experience the game’s closed PC alpha test until December 21. Go to Back 4 Blood’s website for registration instructions. Note that registration does not guarantee access and operates on a first come, first served basis. See the end of the article for minimum PC spec requirements.

If you miss this closed PC alpha test, you will likely have another chance to play Back 4 Blood before launch. Turtle Rock Studios stated in its Back 4 Blood FAQ, “…stay tuned for more opportunities to play the game in the future.”

Back 4 Blood is a four-player cooperative game set in a zombie apocalypse. You play as Cleaners, a group of humans, fighting against zombie-like creatures called the Ridden. The game also includes a competitive multiplayer feature, and participants can play in an online PvP that supports up to eight players. Teams can take turns playing as both the Cleaners and the evil Ridden.

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