Battlefield 2042: Number Of Tanks On Orbital Map Doubled For Launch

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If you played the Battlefield 2042 beta recently and thought it didn’t have enough tanks, well, that’s a viewpoint that’s shared by developer DICE as well. As such, the studio has now confirmed it is doubling the number of tanks on Orbital for launch.

A level designer on Battlefield 2042 replied to someone on Reddit who said the number of tanks on each side should be doubled. “I agree, which is why for launch they are doubled to 4 per team for a total of 8 tanks roaming the landscape!” developer Kalle Nyström said (via Battlefield Bulletin).

What impact on the normal flow of gameplay there will be for 8 tanks versus 4 remains to be seen, but we won’t have to wait long to find out. Battlefield 2042 launches in about a month, arriving on November 19 across console and PC. It was expected to release sooner, but it was delayed.

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