Battlefield 2042 Portal Servers Reset To "Combat Bad Behavior"

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Battlefield 2042 is currently live for owners of the gold or ultimate editions of the game, and it didn’t take long for players to find ways to farm XP using the game’s Portal mode. Updates, along with hard server resets, have already come to the mode as a result in order to combat the issue and other “bad behaviors.”

A look at the Portal mode server browser earlier today showed numerous XP farming servers with names like “1 HP Bots XP” and “Fast XP.” Because players can create custom servers with highly customized rulesets in Portal mode, it seems like one of the first things players thought up was how to most effectively grind XP in order to rank up and unlock more weapons and attachments.

Updates are already live for Portal mode to combat XP farming, according to the official Battlefield Direct Communications Twitter account. While the tweets don’t go into detail on what exactly changed, it states that the “effectiveness” of XP farming servers in the mode has been reduced. The development team also performed a hard reset of all Portal mode servers in order to free up more servers in the mode as well.

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