Battlefield 2042's Rubber Banding Issues Being Investigated By DICE

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DICE, one of the developers behind Battlefield 2042, has added another one of the game’s issues to a growing list of problems it’s investigating. The bug this time around is rubber banding, the enemy of many a first-person shooter, which players are experiencing in the game’s main game mode, All-Out Warfare.

In a post on the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account, an official account that posts about technical problems and bug reporting for Battlefield titles, any rubber banding players experience isn’t their fault. “This is an issue occurring on our side,” reads the tweet, “and we’re all over it.”

Rubber banding is an issue as old as online multiplayer games. The issue itself results in players snapping between two positions on a map, hence the name. It stems from high latency or packet loss, as a player’s position in-game desynchronizes with the location the game server has them in. The server then bounces players back in an attempt to get a player’s client-side and server-side position back in sync.

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