Best Shooters In 2020 By Score

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There’s really nothing quite like getting invested into a great shooter. With games like Destiny 2 reinventing itself with new mechanics and storytelling, and Doom Eternal leaning further into combat puzzle formula, the shooters of 2020 offered players new ways to embrace fast-paced action and responsive shooting gameplay in satisfying ways. Along those games, there were also other shooters like Half-Life: Alyx that embraced new technology to further enhance the sense of immersion and reshape our view of what first-person shooters are capable of.

In GameSpot’s best of 2020 coverage, we’ve pulled together a selection of the year’s best shooters across different platforms. This particular breakdown focuses on games that GameSpot has given a score of 8 and above, which includes both first and third person shooters. For more on 2020’s best games, including a breakdown of GameSpot’s Game of the Year pick Half-Life: Alyx, be sure to check out our hub page of all the year’s standout titles.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light — 8/10

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“Beyond Light might not be the biggest expansion, but it does feel like we’ve entered a new chapter in the game’s life, with new priorities and an approach that makes the game more resonant in a way that goes beyond satisfying shooting. On the whole, Destiny 2 might be more of the same than it is different, but what’s the same about it–like its phenomenal raids and tight, satisfying gameplay–is still largely pretty great, and what’s different is mostly making the game all the more worthwhile.” — Phil Hornshaw

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Source: Game Spot Mashup