Bill & Ted Writer Was Once Suspected To Be The Night Stalker Killer

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In the wake of the release of Netflix’s new documentary series Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, screenwriter Ed Solomon has shared an interesting story about the pursuit for the killer, ultimately identified as Richard Ramirez. Before police knew who the Night Stalker was, Solomon, best known for co-writing the Bill & Ted movies, was briefly considered a possible suspect.

He told the story in a series of tweets you can read below, admitting he initially thought he was being pranked. “In August 1985 I was awakened by a call saying ‘Are you the Night Stalker?’ I hung up, thinking it was a weird prank,” he wrote. “But it kept happening. That’s when I learned–from a reporter on the other end–that I was a prime suspect in that grisly Richard Ramirez murder spree.”

He continued, “The reporter explained that my car was found at the crime scene, which made no sense because I looked out my window & saw it was still in the parking space of my Westwood apartment. I had to hang up because the police were walking up my driveway–but weirdly slowly.”

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