Black Friday VR Deals: Oculus Quest 2 Gets Rare Discount

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The Oculus Quest 2–now officially known as the Meta Quest 2–is our pick for the best VR headset you can buy today, with a great library of games and the inside-out tracking allowing for truly untethered gaming anywhere from your living room to the park. And while its $300 price for a 128GB model is already fairly low, you can expect to see some deals during Black Friday. In fact, you can already save $20 on the Quest 2 at Daily Steals with promo code SDBDSQST.

Best Black Friday VR deals

History points to sales across both hardware and the software library for Oculus Quest 2. Past Black Friday sales have included discounts on the Oculus Quest headset, as well as compatible accessories, at a variety of retailers. The game store has offered special discounts during this period, as well, giving you a chance to build up your catalog as soon as you get the headset.

The Quest platform shows no sign of slowing down, with Ubisoft creating new experiences based on the Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed brands and a new port of Resident Evil 4 recently launching on Quest 2. Certain games are exclusive to Quest 2 and cannot be played on Quest 1, so you may want to upgrade.

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