Bungie Is Teasing Another Major Destiny 2 Death

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Destiny 2 hasn’t been scared to shed some blood, with 2018’s Forsaken expansion infamously kicking off a new year of content with the death of beloved Vanguard Hunter Cayde-6. Since then, the game’s cast has expanded as new seasonal content has been introduced, and developer Bungie has begun dropping subtle hints that another death may be on the horizon.

In an interview with GamesRadar, the outlet pointed out that the newly reintroduced sidearm Spoiler Alert has flavor text that reads “Someone is going to die,” a phrase that was last mentioned in the Warmind DLC released before the Forsaken expansion. When pressed for more answers, senior narrative designer Nikko Stevens simply said that it was “no coincidence” that the gun bore that ominous warning, but beyond that, he wasn’t ready to share any other details.

So which Destiny character could have numbered days in the constantly-evolving sandbox? Cayde-6’s meant that Nathan Fillion’s charismatic voice was no longer present in the game, while fellow Vanguard Warlock Ikora Rey’s longtime voice actor Gina Torres–of 9-1-1 Lone Star and some forgettable sci-fi show called Firefly–was replaced in the role by Mara Junot. That just leaves Lance Reddick as the sole remaining original Vanguard voice actor.

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