Bungie Might Be Testing Destructible Environments For Destiny 2

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One YouTuber has discovered something interesting in Quarantine Sector 236 of the European Dead Zone. Amidst a collection of statue placeholders in that area, several destructible pieces of the environment can be found, and naturally, destroyed.

It’s not clear what purpose destructible trees will have in Destiny 2, but it would be a first for the series, which is now almost seven years old. The environments of the game have largely been static and resilient enough to easily shrug off several Guardians activating their Supers. The trees in the secret area, however, fall apart from a Titan shoulder-charging through them as JB3 demonstrated in the video below.

As Forbes noted, this could play into the zone that next year’s Witch Queen expansion is rumored to take place in, a version of Chicago that Bungie hinted at when it released a teaser image in its latest weekly blog post. Old Chicago was allegedly meant to be in the original Destiny, but it was cut during development and has since then been briefly mentioned in Destiny 2.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup