Bungie Talks About Vault Of Glass Returning In Destiny 2

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Destiny 2‘s big Beyond Light update may have started the process of retiring much of the game’s old content, but Bungie is also bringing back some old favorites–starting with the original Destiny raid, Vault of Glass. In a new interview with Polygon, assistant game director Joe Blackburn has explained how he’s working to make sure the new version of Vault of Glass plays just how you remember, despite the differences between Destiny and the current version of Destiny 2.

Blackburn said that the goal of the re-release is to make running Vault of Glass in Destiny 2 feel the same as it did when players got into it for the very first time. He explains why this means that some tweaks are necessary, rather than including the original version of the raid as a straight port.

“The guardians have become significantly stronger in this amount of time,” Blackburn explains, saying that the raid team went back into the original raid to see how it played, before deciding that “we would smoke this with Destiny 2 weapons and armor mods.”

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