Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War And Warzone Season 1 Rewards Teased In New Trailer

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is rolling into Season 1 this week, which also means a new season for the battle royale Warzone mode. Activision has laid out the Season 1 cosmetic drops in detail with a new trailer. The battle pass can earn you up to 1300 COD points, which you can use for the next battle pass.

According to an in-depth blog post, purchasing the Season 1 battle pass will instantly unlock several goodies before you ever start working your way through. First up is Stitch, a new elite Operator. His kit includes a Release Agent operator mission, which will reward you with two skins (Storm Diver and Spectre) along with a calling card and emblem. Stitch’s nemesis, Adler, also gets an instant unlock with the Traveler skin and an operator mission. That one will grant you the Summit and Globatrotter skins, plus the associated calling card, emblem, and XP. You’ll also get a Silver Flash Watch, and a 10% XP bonus.

The battle pass is also granting extra rewards through the Zombies mode for the first time. You can complete Containment Zone missions to unlock the Siberian Ghost and Toxic Terror skins plus other cosmetics. Another Zombies mission unlocks at tier 20 and unlocks Garcia’s Sicario skin.

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