Call Of Duty Mobile Gets Blackout And Battle Royale Overhaul With Season 8

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Call of Duty Mobile‘s Season 8 arrived on September 22, and the game is packed with content to celebrate the game’s two-year anniversary. This update includes a new battle pass, special weapon blueprints for the anniversary, and a major overhaul for battle royale.

Battle Royale Changes

Call of Duty Mobile celebrates this second anniversary by adding Black Ops 4’s popular Blackout battle royale map. Players can also expect Season 8’s battle royale experience to be completely updated with new visuals, improved vehicle handling, and an updated UI.

In addition to better visuals, the battle royale health system also changed. Instead of looting health items like bandages, players now auto-regenerate their health over time, with armor items providing additional health. Armor now comes in three levels: Armor Repair, Advanced Armor Repair, and Kinetic Armor Overcharger, with each one providing more armor than the last.

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