Call of Duty Season 5 Cinematic Trailer Teases Mason's Return

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Today, Treyarch shared a final cinematic trailer for Call of Duty Season 5, and the trailer teases more intel for the ongoing Black Ops Cold War narrative and return of Alex Mason. This outro cutscene arrives as Season 5 is wrapping up soon, with Call of Duty Season 6 set to launch around October 7.

The teaser clip shows operators Frank Woods and Jason Hudson discussing the recent events from Season 5’s previous cinematics, which revealed much of Stitch’s plans for brainwashing agents with the Numbers program. Woods and Hudson discuss their fellow operator Alder, and how they now believe him to be a compromised agent. Adler has now gone rogue in Verdansk, and the operators need to find him.

The cutscene ends with Hudson telling Woods that he needs to find Alex Mason, who was the main protagonist and brainwashed agent from Black Ops 1. Alex Mason was featured in Black Ops Cold War’s campaign but returned as more of a sideline character in this new brainwashing storyline.

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