Call Of Duty: Vanguard Beta Impressions: Here's The Good And Bad

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Call of Duty: Vanguard’s PlayStation-exclusive multiplayer beta kicked off this past weekend, letting players get a taste of some of the guns, maps, and modes set to be featured in Sledgehammer Games’ return to World War II this fall. Here are some thoughts after a weekend with Vanguard left me with a mix of optimism and concern.

Visibility Is Still An Issue

Starting with the changes from the initial alpha test with Vanguard’s Champion Hill mode, the multiplayer beta definitely showed Sledgehammer Games partially delivered on the improvements promised for the game’s visibility. One major complaint was the dark visual effect when a player was taking damage. This effect has been drastically reduced for the beta, and players are no longer hindered by a dark screen in those crucial moments.

Unfortunately, Vanguard seems to still struggle with some significant visibility issues, which have been made even more apparent with the 6v6 maps during the beta. Players just seem to blend in with the background. And even at close-to-mid range, players often become invisible in doorways and windows. It seems like general visibility is good for most of the playable area, but in certain spots it just gets completely lost.

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