Call Of Duty: Warzone Matches End With A Delightful Touch

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The newest battle royale game on the block is Modern Warfare spin-off Call of Duty: Warzone, and it takes inspiration from games like Apex Legends in a variety of ways. However, it also introduces its own wrinkles to the formula, some which impact gameplay directly (like being able to complete “contracts” during the match), others that are more minor visual flourishes (like the names that adorn the map when you’re choosing where to drop). While the things in the latter category aren’t what’s going to make or break the game, they can help to provide it with extra flavor, and so far I’m loving the way all of these new elements come together to ensure 150-player matches still have their intimate moments and stories.

Much like in a standard Call of Duty: Modern Warfare match, the beginning of a Warzone round sees a brief cutscene of sorts to set the stage, as you and your team assemble on a plane before dropping in. The end of a match is bookended by another scene where a helicopter arrives to extract the winning team members, who are able to show off their customization options during some close-up shots on the chopper. It provides a very light narrative wrapper to the whole affair.

During the helicopter sequence, the screen is also home to an In Memoriam list where each player from that round’s name is displayed. These names are grouped into squads of three (no cause of death is displayed), and actually seeing nearly 150 names listed out in this way serves to hammer home just how many people you managed to overcome–assuming you did come out on top. The choice to focus solely on names and nothing related to their performance or placement distinguishes this from merely being a very long leaderboard.

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