Call Of Duty: Warzone Nukes Are Already Falling From The Sky, But It Might Be A Bug

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The rumored nuke event for Call of Duty: Warzone isn’t supposed to begin until later in April, but nuclear warheads have already begun to drop from the sky in the battle royale game.

The team at ModernWarzone (via PC Gamer) spotted one of the nukes falling from the clouds. The massive nuke crashes into the ground and then … nothing happens. Other people online have posted similar videos. It’s been suggested that these nukes are falling early and not causing any damage as part of a glitch. For now, however, this might offer some clues about what is rumored to go down inside Warzone in just a few weeks.

It’s believed that this nuke event is tied to the ongoing zombie outbreak across Verdansk. The popular idea is that the zombie infestation will get so bad that nukes will be called in to rid the map of the problem. This will also destroy the map and trigger the launch of a brand-new Warzone map with an ’80s themed based on Black Ops Cold War, according to reports.

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