Can I Run Apex Legends? System Requirements And Recommended Specs

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Respawn Entertainment’s massively popular free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends is available across pretty much every platform, including PC, the system requirements for which are outlined below. On PC, the hero-based shooter is available through both EA’s own storefront, Origin, and through Steam, offering cross-progression between the two launchers and cross-play between PC and console.

Apex Legends’ minimum system requirements are considerably low, allowing players with relatively weak machines to get in on the action. The free-to-play title was likely developed with the intention of letting as many players as possible download and play. The minimum specs for Apex Legends comes in under one of its competitors, Fortnite, and even comes in with a lower minimum requirement in some regards than Respawn Entertainment’s own Titanfall 2, which was released in 2016.

The recommended requirements for Apex Legends aren’t too much higher than the minimum requirements, seeing higher needs in the CPU, RAM, and graphics card. Considering that Apex Legends can run on the last-gen consoles and the Nintendo Switch, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that low-end PCs can run it. Those looking to push Apex Legends to its limits with high frame rates will want to have a fairly beefy machine, but that’s the case for most first-person shooters.

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