Cards Against Humanity Workers Are Unionizing Amidst Allegations Of A Toxic Workplace

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As a number of former Cards Against Humanity employees have come out with stories of a toxic work culture at the company, current workers have decided to unionize. The union, called the Cards Against Humanity Workers United Union, announced their intentions over Twitter this week, as reported by Polygon.

In the past few weeks, multiple former employees have aired stories characterizing a toxic company culture that enabled racism and sexism, with some allegations singling out co-founder Max Temkin. Temkin has since stepped down from the company, though he remains a one-eighth shareholder.

In one particularly harrowing story, comedian and former CAH writer and comedian Nicolas Carter ended up being held in a mental ward against his will due to the actions of his bosses. An earlier Polygon report into the workplace talked to 21 former employees of the company for a broader view of the toxic culture at Cards Against Humanity.

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