China Takes Down PSN Store Temporarily Due To "Security" Issues

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During our recent turbulent times, playing video games is one of the best ways to regain some sense of normalcy. In mainland China, however, PlayStation players hoping to access the PSN Store are currently unable to do so because of alleged security issues. The reported catalyst for the suspension sounds like it came from a comedy movie.

According to Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, the reason Chinese authorities knew about the security issues were because an Xbox fan posted on the social media site Weibo, which is similar to Twitter. Other users claimed he actually had fan accounts for all three console manufacturers, meaning it may not have been motivated by console “allegiance.” Shortly after the message was posted, PSN was taken down in China with no timetable given for when it could return. Once the security upgrades are complete, it will presumably come back online.

Game consoles had been banned altogether in China for 14 years, with the Xbox One finally arriving to the country in 2014–the ban was ironic considering that most video game systems had been manufactured in China for that entire stretch of time.

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