Clifford The Big Red Dog Trailer Shows A Big Red Dog Crashing Through New York City

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A new trailer for the upcoming Clifford the Big Red Dog movie has been released. The video sets up some of the story and provides some eye-catching sequences of a giant red dog galloping through New York City.

Middle-schooler Emily (Darby Camp) comes to meet a “magical animal rescuer” played by John Cleese who gives her a small, red puppy and informs her the dog will grow bigger based on how much she loves him. Emily is made fun of at school and is generally having a tough time. One night, sitting on her bed, she cradles Clifford and says, “I wish you were big and strong, and the world could never hurt us.” A tear falls from her eye and its magical properties make Clifford grow to super size the next morning. A lot of hijinks ensue–here’s the trailer:

The movie also stars Jack Whitehall as Emily’s fun-loving uncle Casey. Together they go on an adventure through New York in this film that’s based on the Scholastic book by Norman Bridwell.

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