CoD: Warzone Dev Teases Changes To Sun Lensflares In Verdansk '84

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A visual effects artist from Raven Software has said the studio could adjust the sun lens flare levels in Call of Duty: Warzone. Responding to a news story about how different elemental aspects of the game’s visual look–including sun flares–are distracting, Reed Shingledecker said it would be easy to “tone down” these flares if that’s what people want.

Shingledecker appeared to be surprised that people thought this was an issue in the first place. But if it’s a problem that people want to see adjusted, that would be an easy fix, Shingledecker said. “Looks like I know what I’m doing on Monday,” he said in another tweet, suggesting that one of his first tasks in the new week might be to address this.

“I’m happy to look and address any VFX concerns. Thanks for the feedback,” he wrote.

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