CoD: Warzone Patch Notes Detail Iron Trials '84 Changes And Weapon Balancing

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Call of Duty: Warzone received updates today to make the Iron Trials ’84 mode tougher, and developer Raven Software detailed bug fixes and weapon balancing in the September 23 patch notes.

Iron Trials ’84 Changes

Warzone’s new hardcore battle royal experience has a few changes, with some set to make the mode an even greater challenge and reward high-tier players. Iron Trials ’84’s cash rewards for Contracts have been reduced for all four Contract types. The armor satchel, gas mask, and self-revive item drop rates have also been reduced.

Additionally, the Specialist Token has been added as an item that can be purchased from the Buy Stations. However, this sounds like it will be a pretty expensive item to purchase in a mode that already rewards less cash. Raven Software says, “We suspect very few people will be able to say they’ve purchased a Specialist Token. However, we do feel there is an opportunity to provide high tier Players with additional impactful outlets for their hard earned resources. Additionally, further enabling purchasing power with Hardline is something we would like to continue to explore.”

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