Critical Role Minis From WizKids Feature Some Incredible Monsters

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The world of Critical Role is coming to the real world in miniature form thanks to WizKids, which can help elevate your Dungeons & Dragons games. Recently hitting store shelves, there are plenty of beasts and characters you may want to add to your collection, including a 10-inch tall one.

The collaboration between WizKids and Critical Role was announced back in January, bringing some highly-detailed figures to your home. Outside of some of the monsters in these new sets, there are the Clovis Concord & Menagerie Coast Box Set ($65), Dwendalian Empire Box Set ($50), and Kryn Dynasty & Xhorhas Box Set ($50).

However, if you’re a fan of new monsters for your players to fight, check out some of them from the new line below.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup