Cyberpunk 2077 PSA: Don't Unlock This Garbage Perk

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There are a lot of perks you can buy for your character in Cyberpunk 2077, allowing you to customize your version of V to fit your play style and the ways you want to approach the game. There’s one perk, however, that you should absolutely avoid–at least in the early part of the game when you’re trying to earn money. That perk is called “Scrapper,” and it will rob you.

You’ll find the Scrapper perk under the Technical Ability attribute, on the Crafting skill tree. At first, it sounds useful enough. Scrapper allows you to automatically break down junk items into crafting components. Cyberpunk 2077 is littered with things that are considered “junk,” like old vinyl records, ashtrays, packs of cards, lighters, and dildos. (It’s worth noting that a recent update seems to have drastically reduced the number of dildos appearing in the game. For a while, though, there were so. many. dildos.)

Most of the junk items you find in Night City really are junk, and if you check them out in your Backpack, you’ll find that they’re pretty worthless. Most junk items will net you about 3 Eurodollars (or “eddies” in Night City parlance), so they’re basically not worth the effort you’d expend in picking them up and lugging them to a vendor to unload them. Along that line, you might think Scrapper sounds great, since you can instantly break down junk you don’t actually want, and that way it’s not littering your backpack, weighing down your character (in a literal sense, because if you become over-encumbered by the stuff you’re carrying, you won’t be able to move quickly).

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