Cyberpunk 2077 Save Data Could Be Corrupted If File Size Is Too Large

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Especially if you are far along in the Cyberpunk 2077 storyline, you are going to want to monitor your save file size closely. Players are reporting that their save data is being corrupted after it goes beyond 8MB, and there isn’t any way to recover the data if this happens.

Players on Reddit are discovering that, at least in some instances, their save files are corrupted and unrecoverable once they reach that 8MB mark. For those who have been crafting items extensively over the course of their playthrough, the file size can balloon, putting them at greater risk of having their data corrupted. It isn’t affecting all players, and you seem to be more likely to corrupt your data if you’ve crafted literally thousands of items.

GOG support (GOG is owned by CD Projekt Red’s parent company, CD Projekt) seemed to acknowledge that there was indeed a file size limit in a reply to a concerned player. The company said it may increase the save file size limit via a future patch but this would not revert already corrupted save data back to a useable state. It also recommended not using any item duplication glitches and loading a save file that hasn’t made use of it yet.

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