Days Gone 2 Petition Clears 50,000 Signatures As Fans Lobby For Sequel

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A petition that calls for Sony to greenlight Days Gone 2 has amassed over 50,000 signatures. The petition was launched in early April, and it has 56,000 signatures as of this writing.

As noted by VGC, this news follows a report from Bloomberg that states that developer Sony Bend prepared a pitch for a Days Gone 2 that was rejected by Sony, apparently due to its “mixed” critical reception. That report also claimed that a remake of The Last of Us. (Days Gone has a Metascore of 71 on Metacritic; for comparison’s sake, fellow first-party Sony title The Last Of Us Part 2 has a 93.)

Since the publication of that report, and word that several key creative staff behind the open-world zombie game have left Sony Bend, fans and developers alike have expressed their frustration with the lack of a Days Gone 2. Director John Garvin stated in a conversation with Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe that fans should “buy a game at full ****ing price” if they “love it.”

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