Deathloop Beginner's Guide: 10 Essential Tips For Surviving Arkane's Latest Game

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At a glance, Deathloop, Arkane’s newest game, might seem like its past work on Dishonored and Prey. You get an array of varied weapons, a handful of creative powers, and the ability to use them in experimentative and inventive ways to progress. And that’s true, but Deathloop also introduces new wrinkles to familiar roguelite and first-person shooter elements that might initially be challenging to wrap your head around. Fret not, though, as we’ve collected some of the lessons we wish we knew before diving into the Groundhog Days of Blackreef.

Don’t Worry About Seeing Everything At First

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Deathloop takes a while to really let you loose on the island of Blackreef, slowly introducing you to all its mechanics as it ferries you between its four main districts. At each stop you’re reminded that you will have plenty of time to return to these areas, and not to stress about seeing everything right now. You should heed this advice, especially since you won’t be able to keep anything you find.

One of the last lessons that Deathloop teaches you is about Residiuum, which gives you the ability to infuse weapons, character perks (called trinkets), and slabs (Deathloop’s name for its supernatural powers) and keep them between runs. This comes right before you’re given the freedom to chart your own path through Deathloop, and right before a fresh loop starts. Nothing you gather before this point is kept, so any hours you might have spent scouring each district beforehand will be wasted.

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