Deathloop Slabs Guide – Where To Find Them, Who To Kill, And Which Are The Best?

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Deathloop has many elements that are similar to previous Arkane Studios games, specifically its gameplay centered around supernatural abilities. In Deathloop, the items that convey these powers are called Slabs–equippable powers that are held by the most dangerous citizens of Blackreef. These Visionaries all have a different slab on them, with each one giving you an entirely new way to get around the island or engage with enemies. They also all feature numerous upgrades that can extend their abilities in creative ways, which begs the question: which ones should you get?

In short: all of them, really. Unlike Dishonored, Deathloop claws back the scope somewhat and limits slabs to just five variations. Considering you can only equip two of them at a time anyway, this isn’t too big of a deal, especially when you take into account how many upgrades each one has to enhance its effectiveness. Deathloop makes it clear where you can find each one, but if you need a comprehensive explanation of each one’s effect and potential upgrades, then look no further.

It’s worth noting that while all these slabs are specific to certain Visionaries, the invading Julianna will always carry one random slab with her when she invades your game. If you manage to take her down, you can pick up a new ability or upgrade without needing to hunt a specific character, which should incentivize you to at least try to defeat invaders most times they appear.

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