Destiny 2 Patch Notes Introduce Big Nerfs To Stasis In Crucible

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Destiny 2‘s next big update has brought significant changes with it to Stasis abilities in the multiplayer Crucible mode, according to the latest patch notes. Long considered too powerful for PvP in comparison to other Guardian subclasses due to its ability to completely freeze other players, developer Bungie’s latest patch has a number of tweaks to the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock subclasses that are designed to stop Stasis from dominating in multiplayer.

For starters, the duration of all non-Super freezes against other players has been reduced to 1.35 seconds, Stasis slow no longer reduces weapon accuracy, and the movement speed penalty while slowed down has been reduced by 20%. One of the biggest general changes for all Stasis subclasses is that weapon damage against frozen players has been greatly reduced from 50% to 5%.

For specific Guardian classes, Titan Behemoths have slightly reduced damage resistance when using Glacial Quake, Howl of the Storm has a narrower crystal-creation freezing radius, and Shiver Strike’s flight speed and distance has been reduced as well.

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