Destiny 2 Patch Notes: Update Fixes Cosmetic Issue That Made Titans' Hands Invisible

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Destiny 2’s Guardian Games event comes with new cosmetic items that take after its competitive, Olympics-like theme, but along with the new gear have come a few bugs. Bungie has released the patch notes for its latest update to the game, which irons out issues like a bug that made Guardian Games bounties non-repeatable, and most notably getting rid of an error that would make Titans turn invisible in the first-person perspective.

Bungie detailed the changes it made in Hotfix on its website, but it’s not a long list of patch notes. The biggest note is the one that fixes Titans’ Contender armor, which can be purchased from the Eververse store. When you play in first-person mode as a Titan wearing that armor–which is basically the experience of the entire game–the bug associated with it would make your hands disappear. That made for some pretty hilarious moments of reloading floating guns, but with the new update, the problem should be fixed.

The patch also dealt with another cosmetic error that affected the glow feature on Warlock Contender armor, and fixed an issue where players couldn’t some repeatable Guardian Games bounties if they’d already completed them that day. In general, the issues fixed should clean up the event a bit, but none of them seems like they were game-breaking for most players anyway. Check out the full patch notes below.

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