Destiny 2 Season Of The Lost: Seasonal Challenges Guide (Week 6)

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We’re in the endgame now of Destiny 2‘s latest narrative arc, as all the pieces are finally beginning to fall into place. Two queens plot, an amnesiac murderer demands answers, and Hive war god Xivu Arath shows no signs of slowing down her assault on the Awoken ascendant realms.

With your your newly-acquired trace rifle though, the odds are still in your favor as the sixth week of Season of the Lost shines a spotlight on hitting a few rounds of Astral Alignment, polishing a piece of gear to its highest level, and putting champions in their place.

Like previous weeks, you won’t have to complete every objective within seven days as Destiny 2 stacks new seasonal challenges on top of older ones. The advantage to this system is that it not only allows you to prioritize the tasks you deem most important, but you can sometimes complete multiple challenges at the same time.

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