Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: Everything We Know

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Destiny 2’s next expansion, Year 5’s The Witch Queen, will center around Savathun and the events following Season of the Lost. The foundation of Savathun’s story was built during Destiny 1’s The Taken King DLC in the Books of Sorrow lore that came from her brother, Oryx. With Savathun having finally arrived in the game, The Witch Queen will more fully explore what Bungie has been building toward for years. Normally, Destiny has one major expansion every year, but this year it’s different since Covid-19 concerns pushed the release date to February 22, 2022. Like every major expansion, Bungie will implement new features and changes in Destiny 2. Here’s everything you need to know about The Witch Queen DLC.


Bungie’s tantalizing preview of Savathun left everyone in awe because that tiny glimpse revealed her powerful character design. Her cryptic comment about truth and a casual stroll into a sea of skeletons floating on the water made fans curious about Savathun’s intentions.

What’s New?

The reveal trailer during Bungie’s The Witch Queen showcase answered some questions from the teaser while creating so many more. We now know that the upcoming expansion will take place in Savathun’s throne world called High Coven, a strange and luscious wilderness unfamiliar to Guardians.

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