Destiny 2’s first expansion revealed at Paris Games Week – That is the sound of inevitability

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Destiny 2’s expansion pass and the first instalment of it, The Curse of Osiris was revealed today at Sony’s Paris Games Week conference.

Let’s face it, it was inevitable really, Destiny 2 was always going to get an expansion pass, we just didn’t know when, now we do, and the date is December 5.

Curse of Osiris will take place after the end of the standard Destiny 2 campaign with you sent to Mercury to find the mysterious Osiris, a powerful Warlock Guardian who apparently holds the answers to an impending Vex invasion. The question is, is he friend or foe? I’m willing to bet you’ll end up fighting Osiris either way.

The pass was revealed to the usual array of whoops and hollering that normally comes with moderate announcements during these shows, but I digress. The new expansion will feature a new destination to explore, the Lighthouse social space, new strikes and a new raid.

The expansion hits all three formats on December t.

Source: God is Geek