Destiny 2's Older Subclasses Could Get Upgraded In The Future

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Compared to other subclasses in Destiny 2, Beyond Light’s new Stasis subclass is a different set of powers altogether. Focused on manipulating the battlefield and creating a more defined role for each Guardian class, Stasis can be further customized through the use of Fragments and Aspects. This results in the Solar, Arc, and Void subclasses feeling more antiquated in comparison, but Bungie is examining if it can bring the new customization options to these older classes.

“We only want to have one central system for Supers,” Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith explained to Polygon. The refinement of the Stasis subclass and other possible Darkness powers takes priority for now though, but “on a long enough timeline,” the evolution of the original classes is something that Smith is passionate about looking at in the future.

“I can totally imagine [it] in ‘Luke Fantasyland.’ You know, all the Supers using the same system, that sounds awesome. But also the Supers that we have in the game would be an edited list. It would be something that’s edited toward more identity than what we have today. The classes [Hunter, Warlock, and Titan] are kind of homogenous.”

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