Epic Teases Fortnite Meowscles "Toona Trouble" Skin Reminiscent of Cuphead

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Epic first introduced Fortnite fan-favorite Meowscles, Midas’ bipedal and totally jacked cat, in Chapter 2 Season 2. Since then, the character has been popular enough to merit a spin-off, his son Kit, and some alternate Styles of his own, not to mention Meowscles’ appearance in the Zero Point cinematic. Now it appears one of the game’s most visible heroes is getting a new Toona Trouble skin made to resemble golden age cartoons like Steamboat Willie, the same period which StudioMDHR’s Cuphead so successfully conjures.

While Epic hasn’t revealed the skin just yet, it has been teasing something on social media. First, there was a comic strip that showed Meowscles consuming some sort of apparently magical food, only to see his paws and forearms begin to change. Clad suddenly in white gloves akin to those of classic cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, it seemed like Meowscles had opened a figurative can of worms with his literal can of tuna.

Since then, Epic has also shared a new music track that includes imagery of what is our first complete look at what could be the Meowscles “Toona Trouble” Style. The studio has even tweeted a third tease, this time with what looks like a forthcoming loading screen based on the character.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup