Epic's Attempts To Secure Fortnite PlayStation Cross-Play Revealed In Emails With Sony

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A series of emails exchanged between Epic Games and Sony in 2018 have offered a look at the latter’s hesitation to allow cross-play between PlayStation and other platforms, even for a massive game such as Fortnite. The emails were shared by The Verge, having surfaced as part of the just-begun Epic v. Apple trial.

The emails show an exchange between former SIE senior director Gio Corsi and Epic Games vice president of business development Joe Kreiner. In Kreiner’s email, he suggested Epic can get whatever it wants after “Fortnite became the biggest game on PlayStation.” As such, Kreiner made some proposals to entice Sony.

“We announce cross-play in conjunction with Sony,” Kreiner said. “Epic goes out of its way to make Sony look like heroes. You get to pick the when/where/how.”

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