Far Cry 6 Vaas DLC Out Now Alongside Breaking Bad Cosmetics And New Update

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It’s a big week for Far Cry 6, as the game’s new Vaas Insanity DLC has launched, alongside new Breaking Bad-inspired cosmetics. The game has also received an update that fixes bugs.

The Vaas Insanity DLC lets you play as Vaas, the villain from Far Cry 3 portrayed by Better Call Saul’s Michael Mando, who came back to record a new performance for the Far Cry 6 DLC. The DLC is inspired by the roguelite genre.

“Starting with nothing more than a pistol to defend themselves, players will need to find new weapons and unlock power-ups to become stronger and progress deeper into the depths of Vaas’ psyche,” reads a line from the DLC’s description. “Blending intense action and storytelling, Vaas: Insanity will provide a unique opportunity to better understand Vaas’ past, personal demons, and motivations.”

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