FIFA 22 Has Loot Boxes Again, But This Time You Can Preview What's In Them

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FIFA 22 will once again feature loot boxes, but Electronic Arts is making a change to how they work so people have better insight into the odds of unlocking a particular card. The game’s Ultimate Team mode will use “preview packs,” which the developer tested in FIFA 21. As reported by Eurogamer, the preview packs allows players to get a glimpse at what’s in a particular pack before spending real money or in-game currency.

A post on EA’s website explains how this works. “Preview Packs are a pack type that allow you to see all the specific Items contained within. Once you have seen what is in the pack, you can choose to buy the pack, with either FUT Coins or FIFA Points,” EA said.

Here is what will be available at launch:

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Source: Game Spot Mashup