Final Fantasy VII Remake's PlayStation Exclusivity Lapsed Recently, But Don't Get Your Hopes Up Yet

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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s original period of PlayStation exclusivity lapsed recently on April 10, which prompted some fans to speculate whether or not the game will come to other platforms like Xbox Series X, Xbox One, or PC. However, just because the original date of exclusivity passed doesn’t mean that the game is coming to any other platforms, and Square Enix hasn’t publicly stated anything about the exclusivity period either.

Twitter users like @Benji-Sales pointed out last week that April 10 marked the end of FFVII’s stated exclusivity period with PlayStation, posting a photo of the game’s box to confirm that was the case. As stated above, Square Enix has not announced any plans to bring FFVII to any other consoles or platforms, so it’s unclear if this date passing means anything.

The impending release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade–the PS5 upgrade of the game–later this summer further complicates matters. We don’t know whether this exclusivity period applies to Intergrade as well as the original game, or if Intergrade will have a completely separate exclusivity window attached to it. Even if Square Enix announced tomorrow that the original Remake is coming to other platforms, we wouldn’t be able to conclude whether or not Intergrade will come to other platforms as well.

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