Fortnite 18.40 Patch Notes Herald The Return Of Mechs

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Fortnite patch 18.40 has arrived, and the latest game update sees the return of one of Fortnite’s greatest weapons: mechs, which we haven’t seen in-game since Chapter 1. The return of the Salvaged B.R.U.T.E.s comes at a time when the Cube Queen is gearing up to unleash some special kind of chaos on the island, as you can see if you visit The Convergence post-patch installation. Here’s everything new to Fortnite following the 18.40 patch.

Fortnite 18.40 Patch Notes: Mechs And Shopping Carts

The Salvaged B.R.U.T.E. mechs are primed to return to the island in a hurry, but not quite immediately. They represent the final War Effort project led by J.B. Chimpanski, meaning the entire Fortnite community will need to donate their gold bars at donation stations around the island until the project is fully funded.

The mech may strike fear into the hearts of players who were active last time they wrought havoc on the island, but as this is the modified “salvaged” version, they’re not quite as formidable as their predecessors. In-universe, this is because resources are limited and the Cube Queen is proving to be a lot to handle. Mechanically, this means the mechs no longer have overshields, though their weapons are said to be “tailored for taking on wave after wave of Cube Monsters.”

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